About the house

Built circa 1866, the A.S. Mason house is a registered Texas landmark with the Texas Historical Commission.

Marker Text:

Local farmer Alpheus S. Mason (1839-1926) constructed this house about 1866. Situated on Bagdad Road, an important early military and commercial route in central Texas, the home features a double-galleried porch with Victorian detailing. Mason, a veteran of the Civil War, was instrumental in the early growth of Bagdad (now a ghost town) and Leander (3 mi. NE) through his leadership in church, business, Masonic, and political activities. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark – 1983

The home is a timber framed closed dogtrot farmhouse. It has Victorian and Greek revival styling details on the front porch.

Given the construction details that have been discovered from the current renovation in progress, it is known that the original house was a single story open dogtrot house or cabin. The lower floor is timber framed with hand hewn oak sills and cedar floor joists. The upper floor was added later, and is “stick” framed with sawn pine lumber.

AS Mason House Circa Late 1800's

Circa late 1800’s